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Media Relations & Publicity

"Sims & Associates provides us with creative, well planned and implemented public relations support that distinguishes our organization in the minds of private and public sector decision makers."

President and CEO of a major not for profit affordable housing development organization

Sims & Associates takes an energetic and proactive approach to achieve clients’ media relations goals. Our tactics, combined with relationships with key editors and reporters, enable our clients to gain meaningful positive press attention in a challenging environment.

Publicity objectives range from press coverage of new products, service expansions and enhancements, executive hires and promotions, mergers and acquisitions and focus on thought leadership. Positive press coverage can influence perceptions of an array of stakeholders and enhance competitiveness in a challenging marketplace. We effectively assist clearly communicating our clients’ point of view, supported by facts, through the press to key audiences in the event of a troubling event or issue, or a crisis related to products, services, facilities or staff.


Our ability to successfully engage influential news media reflects years of working with editors and reporters at major business press, general interest news media and vertical industry publications on behalf of our clients. We identify themes and subjects for press coverage that support our clients’ marketing and image objectives

We prepare our clients for press interviews that often serve as the basis of articles—as well as presentations at special events.

Sims & Associates has extensive experience in international media relations, for both U.S.-based companies requiring publicity programs abroad and international firms needing press relations in the U.S.

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