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Image & Reputational Management

"Sims & Associates has helped our clients successfully resolve public relations issues and has advised our firm on marketing strategies."

Managing Partner of a major law firm

Successful image and reputational management requires the ability to recommend effective messages and tactics, a skill that results from extensive experience advising organizations in a range of industries contending with situations involving serious problems—as well as potential opportunities.

Sims & Associates has developed communications strategies for clients facing issues such as product recalls, competitive challenges, hostile takeovers,departure of partners, potentially disruptive regulatory changes, indictment and conviction of a C-suite executive, accusations of inappropriate or ineffective professional services, and accidents and disasters involving a company’s facilities or products.

Our recommendations to protect and enhance our client’s image and reputation are based on a thoughtful assessment of the situation and developing the most effective messages presented in a timely manner that address the concerns and interests of all relevant audiences.

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